Zarkko the tomorrow man by eye of ra x

Zarrko the Tomorrow Man by Eye-Of-Ra-X

Anton Zarrko is a Xandarian mercenary and captain of the Phalanx Starfleet hired by Thanos to attack Earth and retrieve the Infinity Stones to deliver them back to Titan for a large reward of money and power for their efforts. He is also known by his crew members as the Tomorrow Man by virtue of the advanced Xandarian technology which gives him his vast intellect and telekinetic/pathic abilities to prove his superiority over them.

Zarrko, on behalf of his crew, later makes a deal with Loki to challenge the Avengers on his behalf, but to leave Thor out of the conflict so as to not make him suspect of the Trickster's replacement of Odin on the throne.


Powers and Abilities

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