Darren Cross was the former CEO of Cross Technologies Enterprise, having acquired it beforehand from his former mentor Hank Pym. He became obsessed with duplicating the success Pym had earlier made with the Ant-Man suit, eventually designing its successor battle-suit, Yellowjacket, and intending to sell it to the highest black market bidder, with one of Gideon Malick's top lieutenants in HYDRA, Mitchell Carson, as that highest bidder.

His plan was ultimately foiled by the combined efforts of Pym, Hope Van Dyne, and Scott Lang, the latter of which finally destroyed the physical embodiment of Hank's comic-book madness merged with a clone of Obadiah Stane by sabotaging his armor's internal mainframe. With Darren's death, several of his facilities not acquired back by Hank were bought in turn by HYDRA with Mitchell's help as a front for their operations in rebuilding Pym-Particle-fueled devices, with his cousin, William Cross, as the newly-inducted supervisor of the company. William would later acquire samples of Darren's DNA with the intention of one day bringing back his cousin from death through cloning.


Powers and Abilities

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