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The Werewolf by Night by aokamidu

The victim of an ancient family curse, Jack Russell struggled for years with his bestial alter-ego. But over time has conquered his inner demons. Now he fights the dark forces that plague our world. He is an enforcer of justice, an avenger of shadows, and a Werewolf By Night.


Powers and Abilities

Werewolf by Night has the power of lycanthropy, the curse of the werewolf. As such his power is affected, but not entirely controlled by, the moon. The more full the moon in the night sky the more wolven Jack becomes. In his transformed state he has increased strength, dexterity and agility. He also holds heightened senses and a healing factor. Last, Jack has razor sharp claws and teeth as a wolfman.

His enhanced vision extends to the ultraviolet and infrared ranges, allowing him to examine the physical and mental state of other individuals. He is virtually impossible to kill, recovering from non-fatal wounds ten times faster than an average human. His werewolf lineage seemed more durable than other werewolves for unknown reasons.

His strength is not well charted, though he has been shown to easily out muscle such powerhouses as Sabretooth.

Jack can also choose to infect others with lycanthropy via a bite or scratch. For a long while, this was not a choice, all bitten by Jack would either die or become a werewolf. Though, after years of training and control, Jack can now choose who joins him as a creature of the darkness.

In his human form, Russell relies on his above average intelligence and peak human physical abilities. It is not shown if he has heightened senses, but he does have a stronger healing factor, but not as strong when he is in his wolf form. In human form he has been shown to heal from a bullet within minutes.