Wasp/Hope Van Dyne

Hope Van Dyne was the daughter of world-renowned scientist Hank Pym. In her early years, she was a beautiful but flighty and self-centered dilettante, living resplendently off of her father's fortune. Tragedy struck when her mother Maria left them in an accident related to Henry's experiments with shrinking human beings to the size of ants. Later, Hope became estranged with Hank and their relationship grew weaker over the years. However, with the threat of Yellowjacket on the horizon, Scott Lang was recruited by Hank to become the new Ant-Man, with Hope volunteering to train the former thief. Hope later desired to help Scott in his fight against crime. To make his daughter's wish come true, Pym outfitted her with personalized wrist devices which allowed her to discharge bio-electric energy blasts which she called her "wasp stings." Designing a specialized armor for herself based on the Yellowjacket armor, Hope Van Dyne became the superheroine known as the Wasp.


Powers and Abilities

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