The Vulture/Adrian Toomes

Adrian Toomes was a inventor and full-time salvaging manager usually employed by Norman Osborn. Toomes had created the prototype to the EXO-7 Falcon flight harness for the U.S. Armed Forces to use, however Osborn intervened and refused to commission the construction of more flight harnesses based on expenses alone. Therefore, only two were ever built, which were thus used by Sam Wilson and Riley before the latter's death and the former's retirement from active duty.

Some time later to make matters worse, Toomes was laid off of his salvaging business when Osborn announced the co-founding of a replacement business, Damage Control, to provide better quality work in the wake of the Chitauri Invasion. Angered by his repeated humiliation by Osborn and his shadow partner Tony Stark, Toomes vowed to get even with those corporate big-wigs by taking away everything they ever owned, stealing technology left behind from many of the Avengers' greatest battles and selling them on the black market, while also rebuilding the prototype EXO-7 flight harness with Chitauri skiff metal, taking on the moniker of the Vulture.

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