Super Skrull (MCU)

Kl'rt the Super-Skrull

The Skrull who became known as the Super-Skrull was born with the name Kl’rt on Tarnax IV. Kl’rt volunteered to be artificially augmented at the command of Emperor Dorrek who was approached by Thanos to create the perfect super-soldier in his plans to acquire the Infinity Stones.

Kl’rt was given the combined abilities of the Fantastic Four, yet his powers exceeded the originals, he burned hotter and flew faster than Johnny Storm, he could stretch further than the Reed Richards, he exercised greater control over his invisibility and force fields than Susan Richards, and was stronger than Ben Grimm. Kl’rt retained his Skrullian shape-shifting abilities, and was dubbed the Super-Skrull by the Emperor himself, being given the task of the point man in a secret invasion of Earth. All he had to do was defeat the Fantastic Four.


Powers and Abilities