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The Sinister Initiative's weaponry

The Sinister Initiative, otherwise known as the Sinister Six, is a superhuman program founded by Gustav Fiers and Norman Osborn to serve as Oscorp Industries' countermeasure against S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Avenger Initiative. The idea was to bring together a select group of individuals to do the dirty work the Avengers never could in keeping the world under HYDRA's government control. The Initiative was originally supposed to have a controlled Spider-Man be the team leader, but the resulting coincidental accident that led to Peter Parker gaining his spider-powers has since led to Spider-Man opposing the Sinister Six's members out of a sense of it being the right thing to do.

They are currently being assembled to serve as a strike squadron within the ranks of HAMMER.


  • Goblin King - Norman Osborn, the team's founder and secret financier/banker
  • Green Goblin - the title of the Osborn family's super-criminal identity, field squad leader
  • American Son - intended to serve as replacement Green Goblin after his father's retirement, instead became an enemy of the entire operation and an ally to Spider-Man
  • Doctor Octopus - the current team leader and organizer, founding member
  • Vulture - founding member
  • Kraven the Hunter - founding member
  • Electro - founding member
  • Mysterio - founding member
  • Sandman - founding member
  • Rhino - member of second line-up
  • Shocker - member of second line-up
  • Lizard - brainwashed member of third line-up
  • Scorpion - member of second line-up
  • Chameleon - secret ally to founding line-up
  • Hobgoblin II - member of third line-up
  • Hydro-Man - member of third line-up
  • Beetle - member of third line-up
  • Human Fly - member of Savage Six line-up
  • Venom - member of fourth line-up
  • Carnage - member of both the Noxious Nine and Savage Six line-up
  • Jack O' Lantern - member of the Savage Six line-up
  • Molten Man - member of fourth line-up