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Shocker/Herman Schultz - by Blastattak

Herman Schultz was a career criminal under the employ of Wilson Fisk who underwent many missions for his boss, such as theft and crime-war fighting. To hide his illicit activities, Herman moonlighted in his day job as a salvage worker in Adrian Toomes' business. After Toomes was forced out of business by Norman Osborn's Damage Control, Herman accompanied him in his revenge scheme, hoping to push him into service with the Kingpin to make use of the tech he stole over the years. When the Avengers defeated Crossbones' Skeleton Crew in Lagos, Herman recovered the plans for Rumlow's experimental gauntlet-harness set originally designed for the sole purpose of building demolition through controlled blasts of sonic wave energy. With help from the Tinkerer, Herman eventually built the device and modified it for use as a weapon in safe-cracking heists. He is currently known by his super-criminal alias of the Shocker, and has battled both Spider Man and Daredevil as a member of both the Vulture's Gang and Oscorp's Sinister Initiative.

Powers and Abilities