Kree Sentry-459

Kree Sentry-459 - by pstchoart

Sentry-459 is a Kree Sentry battle-droid built to guard the Kree temple 1000's of years ago. After years of inactive service, the Sentry went into stasis, until some people entered and activated one of the Diviners. After this, the Sentry sent a signal to the Kree Empire, but never received a signal back, and so remained in stasis. After the temple was destroyed, the Sentry's chamber was sent to the bottom of the ocean where it resided for years. In 2018, the Sentry was retrieved by the US military and placed in a facility meant to study it. When they attempted to study its power core, they activated the Sentry, and as a result, the power core let out a burst of energy that gave Captain Marvel and Cheetah their powers. The Sentry later went on to study the status of the Inhuman population, and report back to the Kree.

Powers and Abilities

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