Senor Muerte (MCU)

Senor Muerte/Suerte - Ramon Garcia

As a young boy in Hatillo, Puerto Rico, Ramón García mastered playing the odds, and at a young age managed to score 100% on an intelligence test on luck alone. As an adult, Garcia would immigrate to the United States and eventually become the operator of an illegal gambling racket in the slums of Harlem. Through this business, Ramón became a billionaire, and his notorious treatment of those who failed to pay back the money they owed him earned him the nickname of Señor Muerte.

Ramón is a close associate of William Cross' crime gang hidden within the ruins of Cross Technologies, having hired one of their most notorious members, Gideon Mace, in the past for security work in his main casino-resort, which is why he is able to fund both crime lords' operations. At one point during the Defenders' war against the Flashmob, Garcia hired the services of the Tinkerer to donate him the prototype harness for the Eel suit, which is capable of firing electric shock darts or charge up its connected gauntlets with lethal electric jolts for hand-to-hand combat purposes. However, the harness-set only works 85% of the time, which works all the same to Ramón true to his love of gambling.

Powers and Abilities

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