Rhino by hewytoonmore

Rhino by HewyToonmore

Aleksei Sytsevich is a Russian mobster who became employed by Wilson Fisk following the crime lord's release from prison. Aleksei originally traveled to America in order to make it big in the Russian Mafiya, only to be arrested by the police during his first mission. When the Kingpin was bailed out of Ryker's Island, he saw it fit to have a wide selection of other thugs and criminals also released from the prison in order to serve his best interests in building a criminal empire in Hell's Kitchen, with Aleksei, now given the pseudonym of Alex O'Hirn to hide his identity from the police, being part of the massive breakout. Alex's first mission under the orders of his squad leader, Herman Schultz, was to recover a powerful techno-organic suit of armor designed by Spencer Smythe of Oscorp Industries for use in the military. Upon its delivery to the Kingpin's headquarters, the crime lord saw it fit to have Alex and the armor taken to a secret Oscorp lab headed by engineer Phineas Mason for cybernetic bonding through Cross-Species genetics, resulting in the two elements becoming one as the brutish enforcer known as the Rhino.

Powers and Abilities

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