Daisy Johnson - Skye - Quake

Daisy Johnson was born in a small village in Hunan Province of China on July 2, 1988. She was the daughter of Jiaying, a local woman with extreme longevity (most likely because of her Inhuman ancestry) and Cal Zabo, an American doctor. Cal delivered his daughter himself. Shortly after her birth, a group of Hydra agents under the orders of Daniel Whitehall raided the village and kidnapped the elders, including Daisy's mother. Whitehall vivisected the woman and used her blood and organs to regain some of his youth, and left her remains to be found by Cal, who swore revenge against Whitehall. Daisy was discovered by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents after they located an 0-8-4 signal in the area. After members of the team that found Daisy started to be killed off by a now-maddened Selene, agent Linda Avery sent the infant to Saint Agnes Orphanage. Unaware of her origins, Daisy took on the name of "Skye."

Daisy later joined a group called the Rising Tide in a attempt to find the truth about her parents. She later joined SHIELD so that she could get inside and gain better access to restricted files. She was later caught and given the chance for redemption. She later proved herself on a number of missions, and even became a SHIELD agent after being shot by Ian Quinn. She then helped Phil Coulson further by helping him take down John Garrett's Centipede Project. She later joined the second incarnation of SHIELD under director Phil Coulson and received training from Melinda May. Daisy later assisted in missions involving the device known as the Diviner. When the origin and purpose of the Diviner was revealed, a woman named Raina used the device to achieve Inhumanity, a process which Daisy was exposed to at the same time, accessing her latent powers.

After her powers revealed themselves, she had trouble controlling them until she was approached by fellow Inhumans. She was later trained by her mother Jiaying to control her powers. After this, Lincoln Campbell, Daisy's new friend, was captured by HYDRA. She then returned to SHIELD to rescue both him and Deathlok. They succeeded and after this, SHIELD found the Inhumans and Daisy's mother caused a war, revealing her true form in the process. Daisy later helped bring the war to an end and later went on to lead the Secret Warriors as Quake.

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