Pirahna Jones (MCU)

Ray Piranha Jones

Ray "Piranha" Jones was a former thug in a small crime racket gang in Harlem. When he was 15, his teeth rotted out because he could not afford dental care due to his poor upbringing. To amend this, he managed to get himself a home in a military-funded orphanage, allowing him to gain a set of prosthetic false teeth.

Some years later, Ray went on to sign up for work with Cybertek Industries as a privately-hired henchman, having his normal plastic teeth replaced with a set of sharpened cybernetic bionic-steel spike teeth and a variant dosage of the Centipede serum to heal his sickly body parts as compensation for his services. Following the events of the Battle of Cybertek, most of the hired goons were either arrested by SHIELD or fled into hiding, with Ray amongst the latter group. During this time, he became acquainted with Flashmob hitman Dontrell Hamilton, eventually becoming his partner in crime after several assignments together. He has since loaned out his services to William Cross and Mariah Dillard.

Powers and Abilities

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