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Molten Man by Green-Mamba

Mark Alan, otherwise known as the Molten Man, is the older brother of Liz Alan. In and out of trouble with the law due to his gambling addiction, Mark ended up owing plenty of cash to Blackie Gaxton, a crooked bookkeeper in league with Hammerhead of the Fisk Crime Cartel. In the meantime, Doctor Octopus, in his attempts to obtain financial gain for his criminal enterprises, had started to make a living selling his super-human plans to the black market, with one of those buyers being the Kingpin. As it stood with the Sandman leaving the Kingpin's employment to serve under Otto's super-human initiative, Fisk, desperate for any super-powered agent to be able to answer his call, wanted him back. However, Otto was willing to enter a compromise with the Kingpin, selling him the secret plans on how Flint was properly mutated to his current form so that Mr. Fisk could be able to commission as many replicas as his heart wanted. Selecting Mark as the first test subject as payment for his debts, the Kingin also commissioned Hammerhead's top scientists at Oscorp Industries to create a replica of Otto's original sub-dermal armor application device for use in testing on select individuals. However, Hammerhead's scientists were not as familiar with the technology as Octavius was, and the process caused Mark's body to over-heat, transforming the new silicate material injected in his bloodstream into a molten slag. Horrified, Mark demanded Hammerhead change him back. There was no cure, of course, but Hammerhead took advantage of the situation and convinced Mark of his eventual healing in exchange for serving his interests as a super-powered agent of the Crime Cartel.

(Bio inspired by Green-Mamba's bio for the character)

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