Mariah Dillard

Councilwoman Mariah Dillard/Black Mariah

Mariah Dillard, otherwise known by her criminal codename of Black Mariah, is a New York City councilwoman and the cousin of gun runner Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes, who funds her political campaigns. The two are also the grandchildren of Harlem crime lord "Mama" Mabel Stokes. Though Mariah attempted to avoid involvement in Cottonmouth's affairs, his obsession with Luke Cage ultimately ruined her political campaign. At one point, Cottonmouth condescendingly called Mariah by her nickname in one of their many on-screen arguments, which provokes her into throwing a martini glass at him. Later during a confrontation at Harlem's Paradise, she beat him to death with a microphone stand when he accused her of seducing her uncle Pete. Ultimately with help from Shades, Mariah pinned Stokes' death on Luke Cage. During Luke Cage's fight with Willis Stryker, Mariah then shifted the blame on to Stryker while name-dropping Luke's real name on television enough for the U.S. Marshals to bring him back to Seagate Prison. By the time the whole scenario had unfolded, Mariah was now in control Harlem's criminal underworld out of Harlem's Paradise while entering into a relationship with Shades.

In recent events, Mariah has decided to volley her support, and that of the Stokes-Dillard Clan, to the Maggia in their attempts to fill the void left by HYDRA's open collapse in the criminal underworld.

Powers and Abilities

While Mariah Dillard has no powers, her unbridled fury if provoked can enable her to strike with great force. Outside of her fighting experience, she has been known to catch her enemies off guard.

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