Lady Lotus

Lady Lotus

The Japanese woman codenamed Lady Lotus was an assistant representative to the National Diet who worked closely with the defense military personnel, secretly operating as a HYDRA mole within S.H.I.E.L.D.'s ranks before the Civil War and receiving most of her orders from Gideon Malick of the World Security Council. During this time, she volunteered for various top-secret mental enhancement projects in order to obtain mental manipulating abilities for potential use in manipulating the Japanese government and military to act accordingly to HYDRA's plans. It was later revealed that the Japanese agent already had these powers prior to undergoing the experiments, and that they had simply unlocked her potential to use them as she was in truth a dormant Mutant. Upon S.H.I.E.L.D.'s fall during the Civil War, Lotus quickly erased all useful documentation about herself to go into hiding, then gathered all the paperwork on the mental enhancement project to deliver to Malick so that he may in turn donate them to any surviving members of the Zemo family for a future favor, unaware that he may have more important things to deal with considering that the Monolith has been uncovered.

She has since proven to be one of Captain America's toughest opponents on his personal mission with support from the fugitive Secret Avengers to defeat the heads of HYDRA not being confronted by Phil Coulson's team.

Powers and Abilities

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