Daniel Whitehall

Daniel Whitehall/Werner Reinhardt

Dr. Werner Reinhardt was one of HYDRA's top members as far back as World War II. He studied the Diviner and its potential, hoping to use it without activating its Terrigenesis function. He was later captured by the SSR and locked up, only to be then broken out and performed experiments on a Inhuman to gain the ability of longevity, taking on the name Daniel Whitehall to hide his true identity and then going on to share his knowledge with fellow aging HYDRA commander Wolfgang von Strucker. Whitehall went on to become one of HYDRA's leaders for 30 years, earning himself the code name Kraken. In 2014, Whitehall regained control of the Diviner and attempted to use it to cause a extinction level event. He met his end when Phil Coulson shot him in the back while confronting Calvin Zabo, his archnemesis. It was later revealed that Whitehall, while given knowledge about Hive's existence and thus not caring about his inevitable release, was the only member of Johann Schmidt's inner circle who was completely locked out of the loop as per Schmidt's true intentions involving the 0-8-4's, the Diviner, and the Inhumans, something of which Gideon Malick was very clear to remind Grant Ward about much later after Whitehall's death...


Powers and Abilities

Kraken (Hydra Agent) (Earth-616)

Whitehall's newly forged K.R.A.K.E.N. armor