Kingpin (MCU)

The Kingpin

Wilson Fisk, otherwise known as the Kingpin, had amassed a fortune over the years as a businessman and became a criminal mastermind on the rise, taking over the operations of numerous other mob bosses and allying himself with international criminal organizations, all while operating in the shadows. He planned to take control of their operations slowly, eliminating them so he could reconstruct the city in his image. His illegal activities caught the attention of Daredevil, which ultimately led to his downfall when the reports of his activities were leaked to the FBI and he was thus arrested after a lengthy battle.

He was formerly business partners with Norman Osborn and Gustav Fiers, before their subsequent decision to break away from the low-class businessman and begin creating super-criminals for HYDRA to ensure their own profit.

Despite Daredevil's efforts to take down Fisk once and for all, the crime lord was hardly finished with his plans for Hell's Kitchen. From within Ryker's Island, Fisk began building a loyal band of criminals who supported him and came to run the prison from the inside. Seeking to destroy all the crime competition in New York by the time he got free, Fisk assisted in the Punisher's escape, as he desired to eliminate all other criminal empires to ensure his rise as the sole criminal underworld leader. This put Fisk back into conflict with Nelson and Murdock who had originally incarcerated him in the first place. Some time after Daredevil confronted Fisk over his role in masterminding Frank Castle's crusade and his own mulling thoughts on the matter from within his cell, HYDRA's subversive agents within the city's government helped make the case for his release so they could recruit him as the head of their criminal underground operations.



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