King Cobra (MCU)

The King Cobra

Klaus Voorhees is a Dutch herpetologist who secretly worked for HYDRA as one of their many sleeper agents. He was assigned towards using snake DNA in an attempt to create powerful toxins for bioweaponry and Cross-Species super soldiers for their armies, but when he was exposed during the S.H.I.E.L.D. Civil War, Klaus attempted to committ a faked suicide to throw off his pursuers with injected cobra venom and a later added dose of antivenom. But what he failed to realize was that the antivenom was laced with electrolyzed cobra DNA, which transformed Klaus into a Cross-Species super terrorist known as the King Cobra.

He has since gone on to challenge Daredevil and Captain America as the leader of HYDRA's Serpent Squad.


Powers and Abilities

King Cobra Infobox

King Cobra (alternate design)

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