Jackal (ASM)

The Jackal (Goblin Armor)

Professor Miles Warren was once a professor of biochemistry at Empire State University, but was expelled from the University when he proved to be unstable. Some time later, his ideals of human evolution were uncovered by Oscorp Industries' founder and owner, Norman Osborn, and he was approached by the businessman to join the senior executive board of the company's Cross-Species Genetics branch with all of his past misdeeds safely covered up from the legal and judicial department. Warren would later go in business with fellow Oscorp scientists, Otto Octavius and Curt Connors, on producing the top-secret Cross-Species Soldier project for Norman's own plans, eventually volunteering himself to receive a combined serum made from Jackal DNA and the Globulin Green chemical compound, which transformed him into the Cross-Species Mad Scientist known as the Jackal. The Jackal has discovered the mysterious High Evolutionary while on field missions for Oscorp since then, and now serves as the company's secret liason between them and Dr. Wyndham's own alien-mercenary enterprise.

Powers and Abilities

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