Human Fly

The Human Fly

Richard "Rick" Deacon was a small-time criminal who originally worked under a small crime boss in league with Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. Seeking to make a big name for himself in battle against the infamous Spider-Man, Deacon volunteered himself as a test subject for a super soldier project at Oscorp Industries using Cross-Species DNA and a similar armor tech to that of the Scorpion's armor. The head scientist of the project was Doctor Farley Stillwell, who injected Deacon with House Fly DNA similar to how Spider-Man was created, then gave him a Vibranium-mesh house fly-based armored bodysuit to contain his mutating form. The result gave Deacon oversized fly body-parts, wings, compound eyes, and acidic vomit. Now empowered by the serum and armor, Deacon was sent to battle Spider-Man on the Hobgoblin's orders, but he was defeated due to a lack of experience in using his powers properly. He was remanded to Ryker's Island for study purposes, but was released during the massive Breakout and recruited into the Sinister Initiative by the Shocker.

Powers and Abilities

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