Hive by zachbobbob-da3dzi3

Hive/Alveus - the true mastermind behind HYDRA's inception - by Zachbobbob

The Hive, also known as "It" or Alveus, is the true mastermind behind HYDRA's creation and one of the most powerful Inhumans in all existence. Once a lowly caveman during prehistoric times, he was captured by the Kree, subjected to mutagenic experiments, and then exposed to Terrigen Mist, undergoing Terrigenesis which transformed him into a lowly little worm-like grub capable of possessing deceased bodies to make into its vessels and imbue them with nearly phenomenal cosmic power, maddening it in the process and driving it to try and conquer the world in revenge for its mutation. The proto-Inhuman tribe elders eventually managed to overcome the Hive Worm and throw it through the Monolith into the desert planet Maveth to ensure that it would never threaten the world again. However, the Hive had managed to make contact with several other powerful Inhumans/Eternals before its imprisonment, and their followers in turn united under a common goal to free their masters, forming the predecessor to HYDRA in the process. Several millennia later, the Hive slug was able to escape its prison by possessing the slain Grant Ward and leapt through the Monolith portal to rejoin its followers and rebuild the organization from the ground up, with the extra hope of regaining its true form so that it may show the world its new god's true potential. It eventually decided that HYDRA was worthless to him and that only Inhumans should rule the Earth, so Hive instead had some of HYDRA's leaders executed and allied itself with Magneto's Brotherhood to ripoff the mutant terrorist's original scheme for converting all of humanity into its mindless puppets. Hive's plans were ultimately foiled thanks to the joint efforts of the X-Men and the Secret Warriors, leading to the cephalopod's permanent destruction through a joint sacrificial attack by Sparkplug.

Powers and Abilities

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