Clint Barton was a agent of SHIELD under the code name Hawkeye and a member of the first Avengers team. After SHIELD was fragmented, he rejoined the Avengers to stop the combined threat of Ultron and his HYDRA-built prototype army. After the final battle against Ultron, Clint left the team to be with his family.

Powers and Abilities

Extreme Targeting: He possesses an intuitive aptitude for targeting that is reflected highly in his ability to hit distant targets, and is also useful in identifying and tracking one target among many.

Marksmanship: Clinton Barton is a skilled marksman with an exceptional ability in archery. His aim is such that he is able to send an arrow into a moving targets with pin point accuracy. He is versatile with the kinds of missile weapons he employs, and possesses an exceptional accuracy with thrown darts.

Martial Arts: Barton is a competent martial artist, and fights with a style that occasionally employs his bow as a melee weapon in addition to his more conventional attacks.