Green goblin by green-mamba

The Green Goblin by Green-Mamba

Doctor Barton "Bart" Hamilton was a psychiatrist employed by Oscorp Industries to treat Harry Osborn following the latter's disastrous reaction with the Globulin Green Super-Soldier Serum. Secretly however, Dr. Hamilton was working for Norman Osborn to ensure Harry would never spill the beans on the Green Goblin operation to the proper authorities through mental reconditioning, taking up the mantle of the Goblin afterwards on Norman's orders to serve as the new leader of HYDRA-Oscorp's Sinister Initiative in battling Spider-Man and his Sokovia Accords-approved Avenger allies.

But even after all that, Hamilton was still not satisfied with his new position in the organization. Seeing the Osborn family, HYDRA's leadership, the Defenders, and the various crime lords of Hell's Kitchen as threats to his relentless ambition, Dr. Hamilton set out to destroy them all and become the one true crime-boss of New York.

Powers and Abilities

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