Grant Ward

Grant Douglas Ward - the final vessel for Lord Alveus Hive

Grant Douglas Ward was a HYDRA mole within SHIELD. Ward was ultimately and solely loyal to John Garrett, to whom he dedicated much of his adult life, finding it difficult to make significant decisions on his own. When Garret died, Ward was left with nowhere to go but remain with HYDRA even after his attempts to make peace with SHIELD by helping to kill off several of their faction leaders. However, his deranged, sociopathic behavior led him to manipulate the brainwashed Agent 33 into becoming his devoted moll in his random plans to get rid of SHIELD's closest agents of which he still had unresolved gripes with. Agent 33's death at the hands of Mockingbird and Lance Hunter did not really move Ward due to his lack of true emotions, but in order to make it seem like he cared just so he could have some basis for his actions, he pretended to weep for her even as he fully revealed his HYDRA allegiance and become one of its new faction leaders, intending to use his team to do little more than serve as a Goldfish Poop Gang dedicated towards the destruction of SHIELD and not conquer the world.

Gideon Malick later became involved with Ward's plans upon Werner von Strucker asking him for help, which led to the HYDRA heads uniting under the common goal to free the organization's true master, Lord Alveus Hive, from Maveth, which, in turn, led to Ward's murder of Rosalind Price to spite Director Phil Coulson, his own death by Coulson's hand, and his transformation into the last vessel of the Hive. Ward's body was eventually incinerated for good when Hive met his end during the destruction of the SHIELD Quinjet carrying his Xerogen Mist Bomb.

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