Gladiator (unarmored)

Melvin Potter/Gladiator

Melvin Potter was an inventor and costume designer who was forced by Wilson Fisk to design protective suits for him to wear out in public. Therefore, no one was supposed to go inside Melvin's shop unless Fisk brought them. If Melvin ever tried to betray him, Fisk would go after his friend Betsy.

Upon realizing where Fisk was acquiring his suits from, Matthew Murdock had Turk Barrett point him in the general direction of Melvin's shop to have a word with him. The two thus embarked in a deadly confrontation, with Potter briefly gaining the advantage due to an open wound Murdock was suffering from at the time, although Murdock was eventually able to overcome his foe and defeat him. Upon realizing the severity of the situation Potter was forced into by Fisk's demands, Murdock promised Melvin that he would help him protect Betsy from the Kingpin's ever-looming wrath if he would help him in return to stop the crime lord's operations once and for all. Melvin agreed, and immediately began work on a new suit and symbol for Murdock to wear into battle as Daredevil.

The body armor Melvin had in mind for Matt would allow the vigilante physical protection from grievous bodily harm without giving away his speed and agility, with a little touch of fear-inducement being a small pair of horns atop the mask's forehead. When Murdock returned for the hastily constructed product, Melvin reminded him about his promise, to which Matt agreed and was thus rewarded his long-desired weaponry for the final battle against Fisk.

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