Gideon Mace (MCU)

Gideon Mace

Gideon Mace is a former senior S.H.I.E.L.D. military officer who lost his right hand during the Iraq-Gulf War, forcing him to fill his remaining stump with a prosthetic cybernetic arm designed by Cybertek Industries. Mace became disillusioned with SHIELD and the U.S. Government for their supposed lack of care given to him in his hour of need, and he subsequently allied himself with fellow agent John Garrett to commission Cybertek's weapons-development division to begin Project Deathlok for their plan of creating an army of super-powered soldiers for their cause and finding the means to bring them back from the dead when necessary. Gideon managed to escape custody from the law following Garrett's death, going into hiding in Hell's Kitchen under protection supplied by the Kingpin's criminal empire.

While at Hell's Kitchen, Mace struck up a bargain with one of Fisk's lieutenants and secret funder of Cross Technologies William Cross, asking him to keep quiet about Mace's existence in exchange for loaned funds for his militaristic endeavors. Mace has since acquired a Chitauri-weapon armor upgrade to his prosthetic arm from a HYDRA dealer at Cross Tech, while recruiting former Cybertek soldiers and criminal mercenaries into a private strike team to one day gain his revenge on SHIELD's leadership while they are currently distracted with the threat of AIDA Alkhema and her Framework LMD's.

Powers and Abilities

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