Steampunk gremlin by mythrilgolem1

The Gargoyle/Gremlin by mythrilgolem1

Yuri Topolov was a Russian scientist hired by Aldrich Killian of Advanced Idea Mechanics to conduct various atomic experiments in controlled test chambers using Gamma Radiation. However, due to Killian tampering with one experiment to get the desired results, Topolov's face and body became horribly altered in a gamma explosion while his intelligence became vastly increased as a result of the radiation. He became known as the Gargoyle due to his grotesque appearance, with his conditon being kept a secret from several of the other scientists, especially Maya Hansen, so that they could continue their experiments on creating Extremis-Gamma Mutated Soldiers for Killian's plans without the hampering of a conscience.

Topolov was soon freed from A.I.M.'s laboratories by the Leader, who offered the mutated scientist a chance to regain his former appearance in exchange for doing some much-needed experiments for his own plans for the world...


Powers and Abilities