Ezekiel by burningslide

Ezekiel by Burningslide (concept art)

The man only known as Ezekiel Sims awoke in a hospital one night without any memory of his past life or what had happened to him. He was told that a jogger found him in Central Park with severe wounds while a spider crawled around him and repeatedly pierced his wounds with its venomous fangs, forcing the jogger to call 911 and place him under ICU. Afterwards, the amnesiac drifter chose to make a new life for himself until he could rediscover his past, naming himself Ezekiel (after the Jewish rabbi who lay in the cot next to him) Sims (after the book Sims by F. Paul Wilson which was on his nightstand) as a temp name until otherwise corrected. Upon his release from the hospital, Ezekiel had nowhere to go and nothing to base himself on next; no friends, no family, no home. So, he simply returned to being a homeless vagrant in Central Park until something came up for him to go by. That night, Ezekiel got tangled up with several thugs who tried to take his money, but to his surprise, he was able to repel his attackers with a sudden display of animal-like reflexes and superhuman spider-like abilities. It wasn't until some time later that Ezekiel was contacted through mental communication by the mysterious Madame Web, who told him about his past as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent within Oscorp Industries, a good friend of Richard & Mary Parker, and a former trained member of the Chaste, then told him to watch over the young hero Spider-Man to prepare him for his destiny in facing the powerful threats of Thanos and Morlun lurking on the horizon.

(Bio based on Burningslide's concept of the character)

Powers and Abilities

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