Doctor Dorcas (MCU)

Doctor Lemuel Dorcas

Doctor Lemuel Dorcas was one of SHIELD's finest scientists in the marine biological field, using his talents to engineer state-of-the-art aquatic tech for deep-sea exploration and various serums utilizing the DNA of many marine life-forms. However, like many other brilliant agents of the extra-governmental military counter-terrorism and intelligence agency, Dorcas was in truth an agent of HYDRA, assigned to use his talents to create Cross-Species serums and underwater-based Iron Armors that would be used by the terrorist military organization's soldiers to gain an advantage in fighting the war against SHIELD beneath the seas.

It was he who was responsible for the genetic mutations of most of the Deep Six members when he fled SHIELD's notice to lay low in hiding within Oscorp Industries' secret underground laboratories. Eventually, Dorcas mutated himself with starfish cross-species DNA in order to gain a regenerative healing factor and liquid enzyme emission abilities so as to keep up with his mutated henchmen.

Powers and Abilities

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