Doctor Bong (MCU)

Doctor Bong

Lester Verde was a newspaper columnist and psychiatrist hired by Aldrich Killian to write down the discoveries and newly-released technological developments founded by A.I.M. for the company in the Daily Bugle. When the company was publicly shut down by the government following the Battle of the Norco, Verde was put off a job and swore vengeance on Tony Stark for his misfortune. However, as fate would have it, his newspaper articles had managed to catch the attention of a certain Mr. Herbert Wyndham, who arranged a meeting with the former writer with the purposes of taking him on as an intern apprentice. Thanks to Wyndham's teachings, Verde learned his extraordinary knowledge of genetic engineering and sonics, most of which he would take back with him as he reapplied for a job at the newly re-opened A.I.M. under George Tarleton's leadership. He later used his knowledge to develop a Vibranium-mesh stealth suit and sonic helmet for use in combat against SHIELD's Secret Warriors, becoming the costumed criminal Doctor Bong.

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