Diamondback (Willis Stryker)

Diamondback I (Willis Stryker)

Willis Stryker, otherwise known as Diamondback, was the half-brother of Luke Cage, as a result of an affair that Luke's father had with his secretary. When they were younger, they were best friends until Stryker was arrested for a crime both he and Luke committed. But Luke is sent to military school while Stryker served juvenile detention and then jail when forced to kill in self-defense. This event, along with his mother dying of cancer after his biological father abandoned her, made Stryker swear a vendetta on Luke. He eventually gets revenge by framing Luke and sending him to Seagate. After the death of Cornell Stokes, he assists Mariah Dillard in framing Luke and continuing Cornell's criminal empire. He uses Justin Hammer's technology that helps him go toe to toe with Luke, such as shrapnel bullets that can penetrate Luke's skin, and a suit that provides him with superhuman strength. He is eventually defeated by Luke and placed in police custody with Noah Burstein (the doctor who gave Luke his superpowers) tending to his wounds.


Skilled Combatant: Stryker is a self-taught hand-to-hand combatant with years of street fighting experience.

Knife Throwing: Stryker is self-taught in the use of knife throwing, he is skilled and has amazing accuracy. He is also skilled in knife fighting.

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