Deathlok Beta - Mike Peterson

Mike Peterson was one of the first test subjects of Project Centipede and joined them with hopes of changing his life. He later was caught on SHIELD's radar and eventually was stabilized, he then joined SHIELD. After a explosion on a bridge, Mike received cybernetic implants and was transformed into Deathlok Beta. Under HYDRA's control, Deathlok was ordered to commit a number of sinister deeds, until he was freed by Daisy Johnson. He then joined the second SHIELD after a little soul searching. When SHIELD entered a split, Deathlok was one of the few agents Phil Coulson could trust, and so he helped him in his quest to retake SHIELD. Deathlok later was captured by HYDRA's top scientist, Doctor Nikolaus List, and dismantled along with Lincoln Campbell. They were later rescued by SHIELD and Deathlok was sent to another facility to be repaired.

Powers and Abilities

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