Death's Head

Death's Head

Death's Head was originally a robotic body created by KSI in the Transformers Movies universe. It was the first prototype of a series of drone robots based upon the Cybertronians following an alien attack. One day, several KSI scientists were conducting experiments with a device known as a pillar, which could manipulate time and space. When the scientists attempted to activate it by giving it a jump start, they created a interdimensional portal that began to pull in everything within close proximity. The robot's empty chassis was among the last of the items acquired by the portal just before its closure several seconds later.

The body then landed in an empty cornfield in the MCU-universe, where it was found by agents of the government and brought in to SHIELD HQ for research. SHIELD at the time was in the process of building a new sector under the code name SWORD, therefore studying the Cybertronian drone would become its first assignment. The brain of the body was then researched and all confirmations of it being interdimensional were indeed confirmed. The knowledge and technology uncovered by the being revolutionized cybernetic technology within the organization in their efforts to take down threats from HYDRA and Thanos' Starfleet. But as for the robot itself, SWORD director Abigail Brand provided the body with actual mental programming and designated it as the Death's Head. This programming allowed it to become a programmable Agent for SWORD.

Powers and Abilities

Death's Head was the first prototype developed by KSI and had attributes similar to that of Transformers:

  • Blast Power
  • Electronic interaction
  • Flight
  • Gadgets
  • Invulnerability
  • Super Strength
  • Teleportation: As a result of exposure to the Space Bridge.
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