Crimson Dynamo

Valentin Shatalov, later known as the Crimson Dynamo, was a general of the Soviet Union until it was brought to an end. Around this time, he and his associate, Boris Bulski saw fit to bring Russia back to the glory it once knew. So, they formed an alliance with Senator Dale Russ and A.I.M. executive Kearson DeWitt to upgrade the Crimson Dynamo armor to new levels of effectiveness and power. In exchange for DeWitt's help, Valentin and Boris became HYDRA agents and were to use their connections to Roxxon Oil and A.I.M. to further the terrorist organization's plotting.

Following Shatalov's demise at the hands of Iron Man, the Crimson Dynamo armor was eventually recovered by sleeper agents of HYDRA working for Secretary of Defense Alexander Pierce within S.H.I.E.L.D., who then commissioned it to be upgraded even further in order to be better suited for his master's endgame plans...

Powers and Abilities

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