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Constrictor by NeedhamComics

A former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent sent undercover by Phil Coulson to infiltrate HYDRA from within, Frank Payne soon became what he was trying to stop: a merciless super-criminal by the name of the Constrictor. Since joining the Masters of Evil, he has lost his arms and had them replaced with cybernetic implants that incorporate his trademark weapon of electrified metal coil whips.

Powers and Abilities


  • Cybernetic (bionic) arms
  • Constrictor Battlesuit:
    • Light Body Armor: The Constrictor battlesuit is electrically-insulated and partially bullet-proof.
    • Constrictor Coils: The Constrictor battlesuit's chief offensive weapon is the twin lengths of cybernetically-controlled, electrically-powered, Adamantium alloy cables which eject and retract from special housings running from shoulder to wrist. Able to extend a maximum length of 30 feet, the Constrictor Coils can be used as whips, capable of rending steel and lesser metals; or as bonds, capable of entwining an object or human being and constricting with a maximum force of 115 pounds per square inch. Once securely around an object or human being the cables are unbreakable. They can kill an average human being by constriction in a matter of seconds. The cybernetic circuitry controlling the functioning of the cables is located in the forehead area of his cowl, which is insulated against most forms of jamming radiations.
    • Power Pack: The Constrictor battlesuit is equipped with a power-pack built into the bullet-proof chest area, which is capable of generating a powerful electrical charge that can be directed through the Constrictor Coils. He can generate a maximum charge of 35,000 volts of high frequency electricity for up to 3 minutes before depleting his power-pack. He can cybernetically control the amount of voltage he channels through each cable.