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Constrictor (MCU)

The Constrictor

(Soon to be written)


Powers and Abilities


  • Cybernetic (bionic) arms
  • Constrictor Battlesuit:
    • Light Body Armor: The Constrictor battlesuit is electrically-insulated and partially bullet-proof.
    • Constrictor Coils: The Constrictor battlesuit's chief offensive weapon is the twin lengths of cybernetically-controlled, electrically-powered, Adamantium alloy cables which eject and retract from special housings running from shoulder to wrist. Able to extend a maximum length of 30 feet, the Constrictor Coils can be used as whips, capable of rending steel and lesser metals; or as bonds, capable of entwining an object or human being and constricting with a maximum force of 115 pounds per square inch. Once securely around an object or human being the cables are unbreakable. They can kill an average human being by constriction in a matter of seconds. The cybernetic circuitry controlling the functioning of the cables is located in the forehead area of his cowl, which is insulated against most forms of jamming radiations.
    • Power Pack: The Constrictor battlesuit is equipped with a power-pack built into the bullet-proof chest area, which is capable of generating a powerful electrical charge that can be directed through the Constrictor Coils. He can generate a maximum charge of 35,000 volts of high frequency electricity for up to 3 minutes before depleting his power-pack. He can cybernetically control the amount of voltage he channels through each cable.
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