The Conquistador

Orlando Frederico is a Spanish colonist who often visited Afterlife in the 17th Century. He was one of the few selected for Terrigenisis and, after his transformation, gained the power of extended longevity. He then spent centuries helping Jiaying, build Afterlife into the community it had become. In 2008, Orlando felt that one of Jiaying's apprentices by the name of Eva had the right to give her daughter Terrigenisis, and helped her escape Afterlife. After this Orlando was cast out of Afterlife for his betrayal. He was later found by Erik Lensherr, who deduced him as being an Inhuman because of his many appearances through history, and told him of an operation he was working on that would unite the discriminated races of Mutants and Inhumans against the humans who cast them out from society long ago.

Later on, Orlando managed to acquire a high powered suit and he later made modifications that made it resemble Spanish armor to tie back to his origins, thus taking on the alias of the Conquistador.

Powers and Abilities

  • Longevity: Orlando has the ability to remain the same age for a long period of time.


The Conquistador used weapons fashioned after the 14th Century Spanish warriors of the same name. He wielded a sword which could split into a three pronged stun weapon, firing an electrical jolt strong enough to incapacitate Hank McCoy. The sword's power came from a modified pair of 14th century conquistador armor, which offers him protection from injury. He also carried a shield for defensive purposes. His personally-hired soldiers had armor similar to his.

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