Comanche (MCU)


The man known only as Comanche is a criminal racketeer and assassin, using tech-weapons based on those of the Avenger Hawkeye. In the past, he and Hernan "Shades" Alvarez were inmates at Seagate Prison who served as enforcers for corrupt warden Albert Rackham. After a failed negotiation with Carl Lucas to get him on their side in exchange for playing by the rules set by their corrupt games, Comanche became a heated enemy of Lucas and desired a chance for vengeance, eventually getting released from prison on bail years later to work alongside the already freed Shades as a henchman for Mariah Dillard.

They say Comanche got his nickname based on the fact that he has ancestry of both African and Native-American blood, and that he is skilled with a bow and arrow. This is reflected by his knock-off Hawkeye battle-suit that was sewn for him by Melvin Potter on the black market.

Powers and Abilities

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