Centurius in full armor, minus helmet

Dr. Noah Black was a famous scientist in the 1970's until his sudden disappearance following his acceptance of a Nobel Prize. In actuality, he was accosted by secret agents of a Mr. Herbert Wyndham, who convinced Noah to assist in the creation of a prototype suit after his former partner Jonathan Drew left due to his daughter's accident. The suit would then be designed to be capable of accelerating the genetic mutation potential of a being, the design of which would later be modified for Herbert when he became the High Evolutionary.

Noah then took the name Centurius and went on to work on his own as a shaky business partner to the High Evolutionary for the following years to come. He was eventually discovered by S.H.I.E.L.D.'s surveillance team, which led to the then-newly recruited trio of Nick Fury, James Woo, and "George Maxon" storming his secret facility in the Pacific Ocean and apprehending him after a lengthy struggle, though his partnership to Herbert remained undiscovered for the moment. While imprisoned in stasis within his cell at the Fridge, his mind remained ever active, continuing to interact with the High Evolutionary through telepathic communication as they set up plans to further the future biological evolution of mankind. Noah was soon reawakened from his long stasis by John Garrett during the breakout at the Fridge during the SHIELD Civil War, and thus applied himself anonymously as a consultant to A.I.M., hoping to begin projects involving the research of the Inhumans to further his secret agenda.

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