Captain America

Captain America

Steve Rogers was a frail man who wanted to join the army in WW2, however he was declined. After another attempt he was recruited into the super soldier program. After the super soldier serum was injected into him, Rogers gained enhanced abilities. He later went on to act as a stage performer for a while until his childhood friend Bucky Barnes was captured by HYDRA. He then flew to Europe to free him along with the other prisoners. He succeeded and was given the name Captain America. Steve later went on to take down HYDRA operations across Europe; his last mission to stop the Red Skull from using the Tesseract was a success, but the mission left him frozen in ice for 70 years.

Once he defrosted, Steve went on to learn about the new world, all the while joining the Avengers to help stop new threats such as Loki, the new HYDRA, and Ultron. After the Battle of Sokovia, Steve decided to lead a new team of Avengers alongside Natasha Romanov.



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