Caiera Oldstrong

Caiera Oldstrong/the second Valkyrie

Caiera Oldstrong, also known as the second Valkyrie, is a member of the Cosmic Defenders and the New Avengers.

A half-Asgardian/Shadow Sakaaran by blood, Caiera once served as a member of the Asgardian Royal Guard of female soldiers, the Valkyries, serving directly under General Brunhilde herself. After a devastating battle against Cul Borson and his daughter Hela, which left most of the Valkyries dead, Caiera felt ashamed over her failure to protect her comrades and exiled herself to the planet Sakaar, where she fell under the influence of the Grandmaster En Dwi Gast, who used her as one of his lieutenants keeping his enslaved gladiators in line. However, Caiera would soon spring back into action when Thor Odinson landed on the planet, warning her of the returning threat of Cul and Hela to Asgard. Joining the Cosmic Defenders, she assisted Thor in defeating the rogue Asgardians and helped in the evacuation of the planet's inhabitants before it was destroyed by the Fire Overlord Surtur.

Unfortunately, when Thanos ambushed the Asgardian refugee shuttle to harness the Tesseract for himself, Caiera was able to lead about half of the ship's refugees to safety before the ship exploded. Her current status, if she survived Thanos' later cosmic SNAP, is unknown.

Powers and Abilities

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