Brothers Grimm (MCU)

The Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm are Percy and Barton Grimms, former members of the SHIELD military-squadron STRIKE. Like most of the other members, they were revealed as HYDRA agents during the debacle of Project: Insight, and forced to retreat for their lives to escape capture from the authorities. They were eventually found and recruited by Cynthea Schmidt, Dale Russ' daughter, who subjected them to cybernetic treatments that changed them both into members of her elite squad of mercenaries to do the dirty work of Neo-HYDRA following the defeat of HYDRA's traitorous god, Alveus. They have since been placed under the command of the resurrected Crossbones following his return by use of the Department of Occult Armaments' black magic rituals with the Soul Infinity Stone.

Powers and Abilities

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