Boomerang (MCU)

Boomerang/Outback - Fred Myers

Fred Myers is a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and mercenary highly skilled in the use of pitching and uses various types of specially designed boomerangs, hence his nickname Boomerang. He mostly uses his talents for service under HYDRA and the Council of Nine.

Powers and Abilities

The Boomerang was an world-class baseball pitcher whose accuracy had very few rivals as Boomerang can shoot projectiles with excellent precision and can throw small objects with nearly unerring accuracy, as his aim is nearly at the peak of what a normal human could accomplish and Boomerang has almost never missed his target. Bullseye, Hawkeye, and Taskmaster are the only known beings who can match or top the Boomerang’s accuracy in the world of non-superhuman abilities and has even described himself as a "non-psychotic Bullseye". Although his main primary weapons for are his boomerangss, the Boomerang has shown that he can use other types of items which with his accuracy can be weapons such as pens, balls, staplers, cans, coins and other types of items as weapons with his throwing ability and his accuracy.Boomerang has made modifications and improvements upon his boomerangs over the years and has used other types of items with his accuracy such as pens, balls, staplers, cans, coins, and other types of items as weapons.

Boomerang still possesses the physical strength, speed, agility, dexterity, reflexes, reaction time, balance, bodily coordination, endurance, and stamina of a professional athlete from his days as a baseball player and when the Boomerang was a baseball pitcher, he was consider as a world-class athlete and is a formidable and experienced hand to hand combatant who possesses knowledge based on basic street-fighting techniques and was trained by SHIELD who over time became an excellent fighter with his bare hands and with projectiles.

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