Donnie Gill was a student at the SHIELD Academy until he created a device that could create super storms, and was transported to the Sandbox. As a result of a shock of lightning, Donnie gained the ability to freeze objects upon contact, which gave him the alias Blizzard. He attempted to be rid of SHIELD and HYDRA, but was shot by Daisy Johnson and fell overboard into the sea, frozen in a massive block of ice.

He was thought to have been killed, but was rescued from certain death by the Enchantress Amora, who removed the brainwashing program in Donnie's mind and placed him under a magical stasis to await further instruction from her master as part of an upcoming program he and his partner from Earth were working on.

Powers and Abilities

  • Freezing: Gill has the ability to lower the temperature of objects upon touch. Jemma Simmons postulated that Gill's powers were not genetic, but instead environmental, theorizing that they were the result of being struck by a bolt of lightning while manipulating the Atmospheric Moisture Freezing Device, with his cells gaining the ability to emit liquid nitrogen.
  • Blizzard Armor: Donnie Gill's suit was designed via the weather machine he had created. With him having the ability to freeze upon contact, the suit has the ability to augment his powers and allow him to control ice in more ways then he originally could.
    • Freeze Blast: The suit allows him to fire blasts of ice and freeze his victims upon hitting contact.
    • Flight: His suit is equipped with miniature rocket packs that allow him to fly.
    • Enhanced Durability: His armor is very durable, capable of withstanding tremendous amounts of punishment.
    • Superhuman Strength: When utilizing the armor, it increases his physical abilities to superhuman levels, chief among them is his strength.
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