Baron Blood (MCU)

Baron Blood

John Falsworth is the descendant of William, Lord Falsworth. Jealous of the historical recognition given to his deceased uncle, Montgomery, otherwise known as Union Jack, a bitter John went out into the streets of London as a street punk to seek his fortune. Believing that somewhere in the world, the terrorist organization HYDRA still existed despite its defeat at the end of World War II, John scoured the globe looking for the organization so that he could join it and bring infamy upon himself like his uncle. Eventually, HYDRA learned about John's activities and sent one of their agents, Brock Rumlow, to privately meet with him in the Tower of London and tell him the truth about their continued existence within S.H.I.E.L.D.'s ranks. Sensing a blackened heart desiring power within John, HYDRA recruited him as a test subject for Cross-Species experimentation with Vampire Bat DNA. The serum mutated John into a psuedo-vampire mutate with bat-like physiology, and he was soon bonded to winged Goblin-based armor to control his baser instincts.

When the S.H.I.E.L.D.  Civil War broke out, Baron Strucker ordered John to assist HYDRA in keeping Captain America and Nick Fury busy while he worked on the Miracle Project in private, leading John to become the villainous HYDRA agent Baron Blood.


Powers and Abilities

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