Marcus Scarlotti was a former Maggia-based bodyguard to Obadiah Stane within Stark Industries, usually being sent by his boss to deal with any unpleasant elements that might impede on Stane's plans to subvert the company to terrorist means, one such time being when Scarlotti was assigned to deal with S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Clint Barton to prevent the archer from coming to help aide Tony Stark while Stane battled Iron Man atop the Arc Reactor. In the end, Marcus was unable to defeat Clint and retreated into the shadows, his job subsequently lost upon Stane's death by electrocution and Stark's immediate decision afterwards for the company to stop producing weapons of war.

Nonetheless, Scarlotti refused to let the death of his boss impede on his quest for vengeance. So, he willingly signed himself up as an elite mercenary agent of HYDRA, the terrorist organization that Obadiah had long been answering to all this time, and came under the new management of Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Julien Beckers. Marcus went on to undertake a few undercover missions during his HYDRA service, with one such event, taking place just after the SHIELD Civil War had ended, calling for him to lead an attack on the United Nations headquarters in order to frame S.H.I.E.L.D.'s remnants for the incident. Marcus was ultimately defeated in combat by Phil Coulson's team, and was turned over to U.S. Army custody in the Vault. Following the Avengers Civil War, the newest prisoner of the Vault, Helmut Zemo, was helped by Secretary of Defense Dale Russ in engineering the release of many incarcerated criminals from their prison cells in both the Vault and Ryker's Island in order to serve the new HYDRA as a massive Thunderbolt Army in their fight to locate the hiding members of Captain America's rebellion. Marcus was among the released prisoners, and received a specialized battle armor and dual electro-whips similar to the Whiplash armor, becoming the Maggia enforcer Backlash.

Powers and Abilities

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