The Ameridroid

Lyle Dekker was a German scientist hired by HYDRA to serve within S.H.I.E.L.D.'s research division on the cybernetic and super soldier serum project. When Captain America was revealed to be alive, Lyle thought that he should be immediately eliminated; however, his superiors chose to let him live for the time being as they thought he could be useful as a pawn for their plans to secure world peace by forceful means. Frustrated, Lyle used his connections within the bio-analysis department to research Captain America's skeletal structure and uniform to create a artificial LMD body in the form of Captain America. This LMD was theorized to be Captain America's equal and perhaps even his superior, something which could be used to get rid of the Captain permanently. Lyle then used A.I.M.'s prototype Framework Mind-Scanner to implant his mind into the LMD android shell now designated Ameridroid. Lyle then fought Captain America while out on a mission in Newfoundland, but with the assistance from his new STRIKE team which included Black Widow and Brock Rumlow, Captain Rogers was able to take Lyle down. While being transferred to his private cell in the Vault, Crossbones arranged for Lyle to be assasination so that he couldn't jeopardize HYDRA's advancements any further.

Powers and Abilities

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