Abomination (MCU)

The Abomination

Emil Blonsky was a British Marines special ops commando under the command of General Ross tasked with hunting the Hulk. In order to contend with the Hulk's strength, Blonsky was injected with a experimental super soldier serum as well as Bruce's gamma blood. This led to him transforming into the Abomination. He proceeded to go on a rampage throughout Harlem until he was defeated by the combined union between the Hulk and the U.S. Armed Forces and subsequently locked away in a cryocell in Alaska.

During the fallout of the Avengers Civil War many years later, Blonsky was eventually stolen away from his cell by agents of the new HYDRA loyal to Helmut Zemo, who recruited the Gamma Mutant into a little project he was working on at the moment...

Powers and Abilties